Technology Committee

Responsible for all technological facets of the organization including, but not limited to, creation and maintenance of a web site, updating the membership directory and making technical assistance available to members.

Ongoing Goals:
  • Create, and keep current, a notebook or electronic file with information on objectives of the Committee, timelines, the duties of Chairman and Committee responsibilities to be passed to the incoming Chair.
  • Complete participation from all Committee members. Members not participating will not receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each Division and Committee will have a page on the web site that shall be kept current.
  • Place goals of all committees on web site
Committee Members
Renée Kingston, Chairman Camdenton
Beth Kar Savannah
Susan Lane O'Fallon
Pam Clement O'Fallon
Tonya Hawkins Troy
Mallory Brown
North Kansas City
Sarah Wheeler St. James