About Central Division

About the Organization

The Central Missouri CCFOA elects officers every two years in February, and uses a nominating committee to recruit members interested in serving. Anyone interested is given the opportunity to serve. The offices are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of February, June, August, and November.

If you are a City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, Finance Officer or other official which would qualify for membership under our bylaws, you may join the Central Missouri CCFOA by submitting the --->APPLICATION FORM<--- and submitting it with your membership dues to the Treasurer.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an officer, go to THIS PAGE .

The Central Missouri CCFOA awards a scholarship to one of its members to attend the annual state educational conference, the Missouri CCFOA Institute, held in the spring.

To cooperate with the Missouri City Clerk and Finance Officers Association and the Missouri Municipal League in carrying out and promoting the purposes set forth in their respective constitutions and by-laws, and to promote other objectives of mutual interest to municipal government in order to achieve success in efficiency and service to citizens of our respective political subdivisions.

Committees are appointed every other August following the installation of a new President. Please forward your statement of interest form to President Arlene Silvey. If interested, fill out and return THIS FORM to the President whose contact information is at the bottom of the form. The Committees are listed as follow:

  • History
  • Membership
  • Scholarship
  • Nominating
  • By-Laws
  • Program