Message from the President
Welcome to the CCFOA Central Division.

It is certainly an honor to be elected President of this wonderful organization. The support from the Central Division members and their confidence in my ability to lead this great organization is overwhelming.

Our organization is comprised of 79 members that includes twelve lifetime members who value excellence together with leadership. We have a lot to offer and share to the communities that we serve through our education, leadership and development skills that we receive through the State organization, as well as our Central Division.

I look forward to working together with the newly elected officers and will do my best to follow the lead of our past President, Arlene Silvey.

I want to work hard to promote membership to ensure the continued success of the Central Division organization. I am open to suggestions and will listen and respond to your needs. I would like to you to reach out to neighboring cities that might not be a member or just not an active member and encourage them to participate and learn.

Renée Kingston, MRCC-C

City Clerk of Camdenton
President – CCFOA Central Division

Courtney Crowsen
Courtney Crowson, Vice President
Lindsay Krumpelman, Secretary
 megan e
Megan Eldridge, Treasurer
   Laina Starnes
Laina Starnes, Division Director