Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of nine (9) members, one from each Division.  The Division shall submit their representative's name to the President by May 1.  The President shall designate the Chairman, prior to the Officers and Committees Retreat.  This committee usually meets by email.

The Nominating Committee shall:

  1. Solicit nominations and letters of interest from the membership of active members, with at least the MRCC/CMC designation, and to have served one year on the Budget Committee to be considered as nominee for the Treasurer position.
  2. Accept and review nominations from members. Nominations without applications will also be accepted.  Notify all candidates of the results of the final slate of officers being nominated to the Board before the Spring Institute.  Verify qualifications and assure nominee is willing to serve.
  3. Nominate at least one (1) person who has consented to serve, if elected, for each office to be filled.
  4. Provide the President with their report to be included in the notice of meeting sent to the members prior to the Spring meeting.

Nominations may be made from the floor provided the consent of the nominee has been obtained and the nominee has attained at least the MRCC/CMC designation.

The election of Officers and Directors shall take place during the regular Association meeting held in the Spring.

Statement of Interest Form

Chair 2022-2023:
Deletra Hudson, Jennings, [email protected]


Becky Schimmel, Grandview, [email protected]

Danette Henderson, Perry, [email protected]

Beth Anne West, Battlefield, [email protected]

Suzanne Welsch, Ava, [email protected]

Leesa Ross, Ftenac, [email protected]

Donna Barger, Brookfield, [email protected]

Melissa Mattson, Albany, [email protected]

Jaki Welker, Union, [email protected]

Lori Lemons, East Prairie, [email protected]