Oversight Committee

Duties are to verify that the Organization is receiving services from the University as outlined in the approved contract.  At the conclusion of each conference the committee will audit the University's accounting by reviewing the bills as well as the money received for registration and sponsorships.  The President and Oversight Committee Chair will no sign off for payments until the committee is satisfied that all obligations have been met.

Chair 2022-2023:

Lindsay Krumpelman, Marceline, [email protected]


LaRette Reese, St. Louis, [email protected]

Jamie Wright, Claycomo, [email protected]

Deborah McCarver, Leadington, [email protected]

Lori Lemons, East Prairie, [email protected]

Sue Hirshey, Joplin, [email protected]

Patty Dreher, Drexel, [email protected]

Lori Mullins, Ladue, [email protected]