Western Division MOCCFOA



Division Summary
Western Division Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association (MOCCFOA) services city clerks in the west region of the state. Our division objective is to be an extension of the state organization by cooperating with, carrying out, and promoting the purposes set forth in the state organization constitution and by-laws. We also promote other objectives of mutual interest to all Municipal Officers as well as the importance of city clerks and financial officers, and the vital roles they play in cities and towns in the State of Missouri. Please review our Division By-Laws  for more information regarding who we are and what we do!

Link to list of cities by Division: List & Map

Division Officers:

     Becky Behrens, Independence, President, [email protected]

     LInda Drummond, Smithville, Vice President, [email protected]

     Andrea Cunningham, Belton, Treasurer, [email protected]

     Wendee Seaton, Clinton, Secretary, [email protected]

     Becky Schimmel, Grandview, Division Director, [email protected]


Western Division MOCCFOA meets five (5) times annually with the following schedule:

  • January – Third Wednesday of the Month
  • March – During Spring Institute
  • June – Third Wednesday of the Month
  • August – Third Wednesday of the Month
  • September/October – Regional Institute

Group Meetings, Lunches & Gatherings
The Western Division holds their educational meetings at various locations throughout the region where lunch is provided for a small fee.

Membership Information
Becoming a member of the Western Division allows professionals in the field to be part of a local organization made up of experienced, knowledgeable and helpful colleagues. We are a division that encourages education, social networking, and professionalism in local government. Please consider becoming a member of this great organization! We also encourage you to promote our organization to your fellow employees or others you may know in the field!

The Western Division includes five (5) types of membership status. Our affordable member fees and a description of each type of membership are listed below.  Simply fill out the Division Membership Application Form and return it to the division treasurer with your payment.