The Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association Certification Program provides current insight into such areas as human resources, communications, and community organization which will improve on-the-job ability and enhance the clerk personally and professionally. Increasing professionalism by improving personal awareness, flexibility, knowledge, and innovations. 

The program aims to provide the municipal clerk with the knowledge and methods to execute the duties of his/her office, as well as develop familiarity with the theory and practices of one's local government.

MoCCFOA certification consists of four levels:

  • Missouri Registered City Clerk
  • Missouri Registered City Clerk – Continuing
  • Missouri Registered City Clerk – Sustaining
  • Missouri Professional City Clerk

If you have any questions, contact Leesa Ross at

Phone: 314-373-6504

Email: [email protected]

Leesa Ross

City of Frontenac
10555 Clayton Rd
Frontenac, MO 63131

Documents for Download
MoCCFOA Certification Progress Plan (PDF document)
Missouri Registered City Clerk Certification Application (PDF document)