State Directors

There shall be one (1) Director from each of the following nine (9) geographic areas of the State: Northeast, Eastern, Southeast, Central, South Central, Northwest, Western, Southwest and East Central.

Division Directors shall have attained the Missouri Registered City Clerk (MRCC) or the IIMC Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation and shall have attended at least one (1) Spring Institute and be an active member of the Division they represent for a minimum of two (2) years.

Sheryl Morgan Western Blue Springs [email protected]
Mary Happel  
South Central Salem
[email protected]
Laina Starnes     
Central Lebanon [email protected]
Jodi Schneider
Eastern Troy
[email protected]
Brooke Bell
Northwest Savannah [email protected]
Sarah Wheeler
East Central St. James [email protected]
Ashley Bischoff, Interim
Southeast Farmington 
[email protected]
Beth Anne West
Southwest Battlefield [email protected]
Tim Lacy, Interim
Northeast Shelbina [email protected]