Scholarship Committee

MoCCFOA Scholarship Guidelines

The following criteria shall be considered by the Scholarship Committee and judged according to the 
information provided. Applications must be submitted and reviewed on a year-to-year basis.

1. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers 

2. Applicant must be a City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Collector, Finance Officer or hold a 
similar position.

3. The Scholarship Chairman must receive applications no later than August 31st for the Regional Conferences and December 31st for the Spring Institute and New Clerks Conference.

4.  Applicant must have requested his/her municipality to underwrite schooling financially and been 
denied funding either by the Mayor, City Administrator, City Manager or City Council.

5. Applicant must submit a letter from the Mayor, City Manager, City Administrator or Council 
expressing support of the application and indicating a commitment to grant time off to attend the 
educational institute.

6. Attach a statement giving reasons for attendance and what it will mean to work toward 
certification by participating in a continuing education program.

7. All MoCCFOA Scholarship recipients shall provide conference receipts to the Treasurer of the 
MoCCFOA no later than 15 days from the close of the conference in order to be reimbursed for 
approved expenses. Any receipts submitted for reimbursement after the 15 days from the close of the 
conference will not be considered for payment.

Please click here to fill out application and submit to Scholarship Chair:
Deanna Jones, City Clerk 
City of Berkeley
8425 Airport Road
Berkeley, MO 63134
Phone: (314) 524-3313
FAX: (314) 264-2070

Email: [email protected]


Kimbery Barfield, Pacific, [email protected]

Ashley Bischoff, Farmington, [email protected]

Laura Burbridge, Republic, [email protected]

Syliva Deering, Pineville, [email protected]

Rebecca Deskins, Cainsville, [email protected]

Paula Henderson, Bolivar, [email protected]

Marcy LeCount, Mexico, [email protected]

Julie Lowery, Hazelwood, [email protected]

Deena Parsons, Palmyra, [email protected]

Kathy Ray, Lake Winnebago, [email protected]

Lindsay Slavens, Lebanon, [email protected]

Kari Standley, Bloomfield, [email protected]

Cheyenne Wright, Neosho, [email protected]

Melissa Ziemianin, Pineville, [email protected]