Membership Committee

Contact new clerks and clerks that are not members and encourages them to join the Association by giving them information about the benefits of membership. The committee works with the Treasurer to track non-renewals, retiree replacements and encourages them to renew their membership. They maintain a comprehensive list of all cities in Missouri and work with the Division Directors to contact non-member cities, city clerks and other eligible employees and invite them to join MoCCFOA.

Co-Chairs 2021-2022:
Corey Snead, Butler, [email protected]

Bev Baker, Lamar, [email protected]


Donna Barger, Brookfield, [email protected]

Helen Ingold, Crestwood, [email protected]

Justin Klocke, Manchester, [email protected]

Jessi Kendall, Warsaw, [email protected]

Megan Eldridge, Wildwood, [email protected]

Theresa Pfyl, Calverton Park, [email protected]

Harli Bexton, Jefferson City, [email protected]

Virginia Dye, Reed Spring, [email protected]

Linda Haffecke, Huntsville, [email protected]

Tara Berreth, Osage Beach, [email protected]

Shannon Hance, Moberly, [email protected]